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Witches ! Goddesses ! Dark Ladies! 5 fine art prints to choose from


“WITCH, n. (1) Any ugly and repulsive old woman, in a wicked league with the devil. (2) A beautiful and attractive young woman, in wickedness a league beyond the devil.”
~Ambrose Bierce

all measure 11" x 17:" including border for easy framing

The White witch
Not all witches wear black

The Three Graces
The three graces of occult paths -mother, maiden, and crone

Fearful tentacles ready to coil on this mermaid from the blackened deep

Viking mother of the north with her ravens

Fortune In Chains
Tattooed queen of the sideshow

*watermarks do NOT appear on actual prints
all posters are stamped and signed on the back
rolled in kraft paper and shipped inside sturdy mailing tubes